eppieblack said: What are your favorite history resources on the web?

Hi eppieblack. Thanks for writing to me and I apologize that it’s taken so long for me to get back to you. Truthfully, I was a victim of my Inner Geek and what started out as a short list of my favorite sites quickly became a long list divided into categories, and then it branched out into subcategories and developed an index. It wasn’t until I began contemplating a database that I knew the Crazy had to be stopped.

Someday I’d like to add a links or reference section to QA just for my own satisfaction, but in the interest of not keeping you waiting any longer, here are a few of my favorite sites.

Internet Archive. No list would be complete without it. Internet Archive is like the dusty antique shop of the internet. You can find things you never even knew existed, but you have to enjoy the search as much as the discovery because the attempts at order only go so far. (In RL this is my favorite kind of antique store). http://archive.org/index.php

The Victorian Trade Card collection at Miami University Libraries has over 1500 beautiful Victorian Trade cards of all kinds. http://tinyurl.com/b4n8o5g

The Historic American Cookbook Project at Michigan State University has a great collection of 18th - 20th century cookbooks available online. http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/cookbooks/

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