boatsagainstthestream said: I love this blog, but... What does it say about me that I think anywhere from a third to 45% of the advice isn't questionable at all?

I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog and thanks for writing to let me know! Blogging can be a strange one-sided business and it’s nice to hear from the other side occasionally.

I think the fact that you find a certain percentage of the advice worthwhile is great! My goal isn’t only to post things that are obviously wrong and outdated (spider sandwich, anyone?), but also to use advice and ads as a window into the past and hopefully show that although the answers have changed, the questions are pretty consistent over time. And my totally unscientifically-supported opinion is that the quality of advice hasn’t changed much either; so if you find 45% of yesterday’s advice to be worthwhile that percentage is probably similar for the advice we are giving each other today. Who knows which things we believe to be true will turn out to be completely ridiculous in 75 years?

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